Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Putting the Bad in Badminton!

It could just be argued the finest of all competitive racket sports, the mighty game of Badminton. Requiring nothing more than a sleek net, performance raquet (that can double as Bob Barkers microphone when inverted), and a simple shuttlecock these ingredients combine to make an explosive court battle. Since my return from Zambia I have taken to the courts on Monday nights for Ladies Badminton in my church gym, a facility more well known for happy youth games and delicious potlucks, but on Monday nights is transformed into the "courts of badminton battle".
It's important to always be in ready position...and in appropriate attire
Margie in the smash zone

The knee pads in action

The sisters of badminton, Dana and I. We have separate partners on the court...Dana and Jacqueline combine to form "The Perspirations" complete with matching shirts one reading "hot" the other "sweaty" on the backs. I partner with Emily and together we are "The Goodmintons"...we're so bad we're good!

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MOBACH'S said...

i am glad to see that you are back posting and they were some good posts but i am still waiting for the post soley dedicated to me... i am guessing it hasn't shown up yet cause of the creative juices that are flowing in you trying to make it "perfection"
love ya

Anonymous said...

I am frankly a little disappointed. I see Margie in your series of Badminton athletics shots, but I don't see her partner. I hear she is stellar. I also hear she is the driving force behind their wins. Did you miss her that night? Was she charging for photos? Are there issues with her agent that her photos not be published? I'm a bit confused.