Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas 2006: The Year of the Sweater

There are few who love the Christmas season more than I do (for those of you who know me well you will know I have just employed the literary technique of "verbal irony"). But if there is one thing I do love it's Jesus and celebrating his birth...and then putting on Christmas sweaters and taking pictures on Christmas day, which is what just so happened this Christmas!

...and here we have some highlights of the morning...

Anticipation is high as the
mornings festivities are about
to commence!

Patience must also be high as
Mom tries to figure out the point and shoot digital camera

Nothing says Christmas like the TV Yule log...a long time Storey favourite. "Yule" be hard pressed to find an activity that beats waiting with bated breath for the "hand that stokes the fire!"

Monday, December 18, 2006

A Christmas Song

Here is a little Christmas diddy I wrote and recorded about my hope and the reason I am going to Zambia.
Click here to listen

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Get on Board the T-Shirt Train!

Get your very own Zambia T-shirt handmade by Shannon herself. Your choice of colour is green with the continent of Africa in black and Zambia highlighted in grey. All proceeds going help getting Shannon to Zambia and keeping her there for a year! So a shirt can be yours for only three easy payments of $49.95...just kidding...more like one payment of $15, unless you feel like giving more!

Sizes: Youth L, XL; Adult S, M, L, XL (Shannon is wearing a Youth L)

If you would like one feel free to contact or any other method of communication you have with her...perhaps telegram or carrier pigeon!

(For a limited time only while supplies last!)