Friday, June 22, 2007


This one goes out to my Mennonite crowd! You'll be proud that I have brought Borscht to Zambia! This past week I made a big ol' bowl of it and it brought me right back home. Nothing like a good bowl 'o' borscht and buns on a cold African evening to soothe the soul!
Mary meets Borscht

Amber loves the Borscht

Shannon loves the Borscht


The Convention

This past week I had the opportunity to do some sessions on relationships and sexual purity for this inter-school youth convention. It was quite the time we had! The acoustics in the hall were horrible so you had to yell to be heard. We did this activity where the guys and the girls had to come up with their "Ulitimate Date"...the girls turned out to be way more shallow than the boys, yet quite organized in two categories: Personlality and Looks, each receiving equal space on the board.

At one point we were talking about love and how it has so many meanings and we use it for so many things so I was asking them to shout out what they favorite response was "MILK", coming very seriously from a teenage boy.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fun on the Farm

Here are some shots of life at home on the farm. I will try to make a point to bring my camera to when I am actully doing stuff ... but for now I guess this will have to do.Rockin' the high waist
Good times when the power is out...every night!
Hanging a mosquito net by stacking a chair on a dresser due to the fact we have no ladder. At least we didn't have the dresser on the bed this time too.

ER Africa

Stephanie, Susan, and Shannon (not I) went down to Sinazongwe in the end of May to check out and get aquainted to where they will be moving to to do medical ministry with an organization called Missionary Ventures International. Here are some shots of them doing their thing. Susan and Steph will be moving there in August. They had many awesome opportunities to help out down there.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Twenty-five and Still Alive!

As of May 19th I am officially a quater century old...these old bones don't move like they used to! The week before the girls suprised me by renting a season of "24" which we had to watch in 5 days (making for some late nights...but it was worth it). Our slogan was "24 before 25!". Then we went out to this Indian food restaurant which was really good. Here are some "snaps" of the joyous occasion. The whole city was in absolute pandemonium (we got in trouble for taking this picture because of the ATM in the background)
The gang at Oriental would think it is Chinese food, but no, it's Indian...and delightful at that!
Steph filled my bed with balloons on the morn of my birth...apparently Mosquito nets only keep out Mosquito's, had I only been sleeping under a balloon net too!
Yes, I have discovered the "collage" feature of Picasa to be handy as you can tell in posts past. Here is a festive collage of our time at dinner...good times had by all. My favorite is the sneak attack photo of Stephanie on the bottom right corner!