Monday, March 24, 2008

Tijuana hear about my trip?

This past week during the school spring break I and 11 others went wild, traveling in a 15 passenger van and a trailer we called, Argo, down to Mexico to continue construction on a church down there. Our specific task was to pour the second storey of the church. I of course went along because of my vast knowledge in concrete and construction and to sing popular concrete hits such as: "They tried to make me cut the rebar but I said no, no, no".

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Other notable highlights:
- Senior Bano
- Bucket showers
- Falling out of the van at 2:30am
- Eating a brain taco
- Eating a Serrano pepper in one bite...and the pain that ensued
- Trying to figure out who was Jerry and who was Bobby of our host couple Jerry & Bobby (Jerry is the husband, Bobbi is the wife is my conclusion)
- Murder in Room 128 (see the flickr album for more details)

He is Risen!!!

I returned from Mexico to the welcoming sight of my favourite Easter sweet bread, PASKA! Nothing says Happy Easter like Paska amid tulips, am I right?!

Me Mumsie peeking through paska

Dana likes Paska

Shannon likes Paska

Bunny Ears like Paska
Dreaming of Paska

He is risen indeed!!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

A Haircut and a Real Job...Minus the Haircut

And so it is that I have fandangled my way back into the Canadian workforce. I work at a reputable fortune cookie factory thinking up the sayings and random numbers that go on those tiny pieces of paper inside the fragile delicacy. This photo was captured in mid new ancient proverb...
...actually, the aforementioned information is fictional, yet I find the idea fascinating. I do have a job (the only legitimate piece of info). I have just become the Interim Youth Director at my church, Bakerview. Our long serving youth pastor, Tim, just resigned and so here I am! It's a full time position working with our Jr. (gr. 6-8) and Sr. (gr. 9-12) youth. It's pretty exciting yet overwhelming all at once. And look at the timing...hmm, who could have had His hand in that!? So it's a pretty big answer to prayer to be able to be working and doing something I love. And so here I am in my new office...since when do I have "an office"?? (And all you "Office" fans, my boss' name really is Michael! I will be taking the role of Dwight)