Monday, March 24, 2008

Tijuana hear about my trip?

This past week during the school spring break I and 11 others went wild, traveling in a 15 passenger van and a trailer we called, Argo, down to Mexico to continue construction on a church down there. Our specific task was to pour the second storey of the church. I of course went along because of my vast knowledge in concrete and construction and to sing popular concrete hits such as: "They tried to make me cut the rebar but I said no, no, no".

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Other notable highlights:
- Senior Bano
- Bucket showers
- Falling out of the van at 2:30am
- Eating a brain taco
- Eating a Serrano pepper in one bite...and the pain that ensued
- Trying to figure out who was Jerry and who was Bobby of our host couple Jerry & Bobby (Jerry is the husband, Bobbi is the wife is my conclusion)
- Murder in Room 128 (see the flickr album for more details)

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