Monday, March 10, 2008

A Haircut and a Real Job...Minus the Haircut

And so it is that I have fandangled my way back into the Canadian workforce. I work at a reputable fortune cookie factory thinking up the sayings and random numbers that go on those tiny pieces of paper inside the fragile delicacy. This photo was captured in mid new ancient proverb...
...actually, the aforementioned information is fictional, yet I find the idea fascinating. I do have a job (the only legitimate piece of info). I have just become the Interim Youth Director at my church, Bakerview. Our long serving youth pastor, Tim, just resigned and so here I am! It's a full time position working with our Jr. (gr. 6-8) and Sr. (gr. 9-12) youth. It's pretty exciting yet overwhelming all at once. And look at the timing...hmm, who could have had His hand in that!? So it's a pretty big answer to prayer to be able to be working and doing something I love. And so here I am in my new office...since when do I have "an office"?? (And all you "Office" fans, my boss' name really is Michael! I will be taking the role of Dwight)


Anonymous said...

We are so excited for you and are glad that you are NOT really thinking up those cookie sayings....but just know that we will continue to pray for you as you begin this new adventure.
Take care "Dwight"
The "Stoke" Ebys

penner_andrea said...

We are truly excited for you and think this is the perfect job for you - awesome news! Make sure you start some "office olympics"! Andrea