Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just Beat It...

An exclusive look into the bowels of the photojournalism program.  In the background our writing guru, Scott, goes over beat proposals while Shannon waits for the hurricane of ideas to hit her brain.  The brain hurricane was then downgraded to a tropical brain storm and turned up to be nothing but a brain drizzle.

Beat proposals were the topic of the day...meaning what type of stories will we be covering this semester.  Information that would have been useful to me before I got down on one knee before a red vegetable.  And then proposed a beat in 6/8 time signature.  Wrong beet...or beat.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Everday

At the request of some who want to stay updated on the average day to day life here in Belleville and beyond I've created a link on the left.  The Everyday.  Enjoy.

Vest is Best and Sweeps the Rest!

In what may be one of the most shocking Christmas scandals of 2009 a vest has come out victorious, sweeping away the competition, in this years "8 Days of Christmas Sweaters".  The festive goose garment entered the competition "unarmed" and turned out to steel the hearts of many.  But really, how can your resist a goose in a stocking cap?

Sweater purists may protest that a vest has no place in a sweater competition but nothing could keep this sleeveless wonder away taking 61% of the vote and proving it's not the amount of knit yarn, it's how you embellish it. 

It's a Cinderella story for the ages.  Christmas 2009.  The little goose vest that could.  And did.  So next time you feel inadequate or unqualified think of this vest and it's festive courage that forever changed the way we look at the Christmas sweater.