Saturday, July 29, 2006


The month of September is fast approaching and with the beginning of the month being my anticipated departure date to Lusaka, Zambia there is still a lot to be done! One of the big focuses is continuing to develop support. All my financial support must be in (or at least pledged) before I am allowed to purchase a ticket to leave. So with just over a month until that time and my current financial support level sitting at around 25% it looks like God has some work to do! I am trying not to worry because I know that if He wants me there in September I will be there in September.

As I mentioned in my first letter, I am planning to go to Lusaka, Zambia (the capital city) with Action International Ministries for 1 year to work with youth and hopefully record some of the local worship music. I will hopefully be able to work with local churches to help develop youth programs as well as work with young girls regarding the subject of purity and Godliness in all aspects of life. I have also been presented the opportunity to perhaps be a part of starting up a children’s and youth ministry in a more rural area about 15 minutes out of town where there is presently no church in the area. It is exciting to think of the possibilities and what God has in store. There is such urgent need for workers in Zambia so I am praying that God allows me to go in September to get started!

This past month has been a challenging but growing time for me personally as I have wrestled with whether I am ready for this, but I have felt God still calling me to Zambia. It has been a time of learning to hear His voice amidst chaos and learning to rest in the assurance that He is with me and will be with me wherever I go.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Monthly Budget


Personal Living Expenses:
Rent $350
Food $150
Phone $35
Tithe/giving $75
Entertainment $25
Miscelaneous $40
Household $10
Life insurance $40
Clothing $10
FICA Tax (Employee Share) $45
Total Living Expenses $780

Work Expenses:

Furlough Travel Fund $60
Medical Insurance (USA) $250
Medical Insurance (Zambia) $-
Zambia Income Tax $50
Retirement savings $50
Prayer letters $50
Employer’s Share of FICA Tax $46
Ministry Expense $119
Transportation $100
Administration Fees (15%) $225
Total of Work Expenses * $950


If you feel God calling you to join me in this adventure and would like to make a donation cheques can be made out to Action International Ministries with "Shannon Storey" in the memo line. I am in great need of monthly donations. You can set up a direct deposit by sending a blank void cheque and indicating how much you would like to donate each month and it will automatically be withdrawn. You can also set up the same type of thing with a credit card. Or just send cheques in monthly or postdated cheques. Donations can be sent to the following address:

Action International Ministries
3015 A 21st St. NE
Calgary T2E 7T1

Donations or monthly pledges need to be received by October 2oo6 for me to be able to leave in January. If you have any questions feel free to contact me:
Thank you so much for your support! It means so much to me!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

THE ZAM-O-METER of Financial Support

With state of the art technology employed by the Zam-O-Meter I am able to keep track of my financial support level in a visual form...and now so can you! The precision of this device is second to none.

So with over 75% left to raise and under two months until September when I plan to leave in which I will need to have the full support looks as if God has some work to do! But I'm not worried, if He wants me there in September then I'll be there in September!