Saturday, July 29, 2006


The month of September is fast approaching and with the beginning of the month being my anticipated departure date to Lusaka, Zambia there is still a lot to be done! One of the big focuses is continuing to develop support. All my financial support must be in (or at least pledged) before I am allowed to purchase a ticket to leave. So with just over a month until that time and my current financial support level sitting at around 25% it looks like God has some work to do! I am trying not to worry because I know that if He wants me there in September I will be there in September.

As I mentioned in my first letter, I am planning to go to Lusaka, Zambia (the capital city) with Action International Ministries for 1 year to work with youth and hopefully record some of the local worship music. I will hopefully be able to work with local churches to help develop youth programs as well as work with young girls regarding the subject of purity and Godliness in all aspects of life. I have also been presented the opportunity to perhaps be a part of starting up a children’s and youth ministry in a more rural area about 15 minutes out of town where there is presently no church in the area. It is exciting to think of the possibilities and what God has in store. There is such urgent need for workers in Zambia so I am praying that God allows me to go in September to get started!

This past month has been a challenging but growing time for me personally as I have wrestled with whether I am ready for this, but I have felt God still calling me to Zambia. It has been a time of learning to hear His voice amidst chaos and learning to rest in the assurance that He is with me and will be with me wherever I go.


Lynn said...

Hi Shannon,

Sorry it's taken us sooo long to get our act together. But we are sending our support now! It's not much but I'm sure God's is taking care of all the details!
I'll be watching your blog for updates - keep us posted!


Lynn said...

Just to clarify - this is your cousin Sheri - just in case you know other "Sheri"s!