Friday, May 18, 2007

And proud of it...

I found this chocolate bar in the store the other really spoke to me. I'm thinking of having these pictures blown up into billboards and put around the city...cause why wouldn't you?

I enjoy short walks on the beach (too long and I'll get winded), reading books with many pictures, and playing polo on my trusty stallion "Winston".

(And I wonder why I'm holding this bar...)

Pictures courtesy of my personal photographer, Shannon Costillo...I only work with people of the same name

The Rice and Beans Experiment

Last week we embarked on a journey that would forever change us. Our goal: to eat rice and beans twice a day for one whole week. Our reason: why not! Mission accomplished. Although we did not just eat them plain, but had rice and beans with a cornucopia of other ingredient to concoct quite the culinary delight for our pallets.

My own personal vendetta was to eat each my with my handy travel chopsticks, a habit I just might continue well after rice and beans week. It really works the muscles in your hands...a few more weeks of this and I could have a pretty ripped right hand...I shall conquer all "Thumb Wars!"

Just a side note: you know that song that talks about beans being the "musical fruit"...I don't think beans are actually a fruit, I've been researching it. I think that song needs to change. No comment on the validty of the songs lyrics to being the determining factor in eating "beans for every meal"

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Introducing A Gondwe

This is Mr. Gondwe (or as he is called in Zambia, A Gondwe, the "A" being a sign of respect, like saying "Mr."). He is one of our guards/groundskeepers at the farm and perhaps the sweetest man ever! He trys to help me learn Nyanja by speaking it only...most of which I just smile and nod. Even when I greet him with the basic greeting he never responds how I expect and I usually have no idea what he is saying. He does know a bit of English which he often resorts to once he sees the confused look on my face. He's so sweet you just want to eat him...well, not really...whoever came up with that phrase should perhaps rethink it's implications!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Victoria Falls and Safari Pictures

If you'd like to see some photos of my time in Livingstone and Botswana click....wait for it...not yet...HERE!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

New Horizon Girls Sample Songs

Here is a sample of the recording that I did at New Horizon Orphanage a few weeks ago. There were about 10-12 girls between the ages of 8-15. In total we recorded 8 songs, three in English. So for those of you who are looking a math challenge: If the girls at New Horizon sang eight songs in total and three of those were in English, how many songs in the venacular (Bemba and Nyanja) did they sing? (answer below)

Jehova Gira
Send Me
The Love of Jesus

(They sang 5 songs in the venacular languages)

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Kasupe Kids Club

Here are some pictures of the kids at our Saturday morning kids club...I was going to spell "Club" with a "K" in the title...but then looked at the initials and thought...hmm, maybe not! (The "big guy" is Chalo, a Zambian on our team who helps lead it.)

Bulb Burn Out

So our lightbulb in our hut burnt out about a month ago. I always found the light in our hut poorly for reading but not as poorly as when it is not there at all. The thing is our ceiling in ridiculously high and we have no free standing latter. So Steph and I tried tipping my bed on end but it was far to unsafe. So instead we put the dresser on the bed and a chair on the dresser and since I stand at a towering 5'5" I climbed on up to try and change it. Once up we realized that the light cover was skrewed in and I could not reach the screws. So that was that...still no light. We are thinking maybe we should get a lamp.