Sunday, May 06, 2007

Bulb Burn Out

So our lightbulb in our hut burnt out about a month ago. I always found the light in our hut poorly for reading but not as poorly as when it is not there at all. The thing is our ceiling in ridiculously high and we have no free standing latter. So Steph and I tried tipping my bed on end but it was far to unsafe. So instead we put the dresser on the bed and a chair on the dresser and since I stand at a towering 5'5" I climbed on up to try and change it. Once up we realized that the light cover was skrewed in and I could not reach the screws. So that was that...still no light. We are thinking maybe we should get a lamp.

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Anonymous said...

You know what dad said? "Why didn't they put the little table on top of the chair?" But you know what I said to that!! No wonder I pray for your safety every day!