Friday, October 09, 2009


This past week I gotten my first pictures published! One in our school newspaper and two in a local paper. Here are the links to the local paper...

EMC Community Newspaper
Ride for Refugees

Bulls in Motion

Our second assignment was an exercise in shooting motion using three different techniques. Belleville is also home to the OHL team The Belleville Bulls (which I've come to find out are kind of a big deal around here. I didn't realize what level they were until I went to this event and was amazed that so many people wanted these guys autographs. They play the same level as our Vancouver Giants for those of you BC'ers!).

BELLEVILLE, Ont. (27/09/09) -- Belleville Bull fans young and old get a chance to skate with their favourite local hockey players at this years "Bar-B-Que and Skate with the Bulls" on Sunday, September 27th at the Wally Dever Arena. This is an annual event held for season ticket holders and allows the fans to get up close and personal with the Belleville Bulls hockey team as they eat, get autographs and skate with the players. Photo by Shannon Storey.

BELLEVILLE, Ont. (27/09/09) -- Belleville Bulls defenceman Julian Luciani and his teammates sign for fans at the Wally Denver Arena an the annual "Bar-B-Que and Skate with the Bulls." Photo by Shannon Storey.

Isn't that Interesting...

Here are some shots from our first assignment, which was to find an interesting person.
BELLEVILLE; Ont. (12/09/09) -- 58 year old Oakville native, John McNair, now resides in Belleville where he is "working through some things." While reluctant to speak of his current struggles his soul finds sanctuary in the arts. With an interest in photography he can also often be found taking advantage of the many resources available at the Belleville Public Library and John M. Parrott Art Gallery. Photo by Shannon Storey.

BELLEVILLE, Ont. (12/09/09) -- Dawa Chodeon immigrated to Belleville from Lazo, Tibet two years ago where her and her husband now sell handmade Tibetan jewelry at the weekly farmers market. Photo by Shannon Storey.

Class in Session

Once again I find myself wondering where time has gone...and realizing it has been oh, so long since I have posted anything here. But let it be know that will change right least for today.

Classes are in full swing and I am loving it so far. Never thought I'd grow to love anything remotely associated with school, but alas.

In this photo we all went outside to do an exercise in depth of field so here are some of my esteemed classmates. We're a motley crew but we have fun.
(consider yourself blessed you don't have to see their shots where I showcase my Top Modeling skills...I do a mean catwalk down grocery aisles...I've been compared with the likes of top Reitmans models!)