Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Little House in Lusaka

About 10 days ago I moved into a new dwelling place in the city of Lusaka. I live alone. I do not have any cats. Although there is the Allen family, new to the team, who lives about 15 steps away...but they are not cats either. It's splendid to be in the city as it is closer to everything and everyone...but there is still a very large place in my heart for Kasupe and the farm (I would give it the right ventricle of my heart) of which I still work in 2-3 times a week.

Join me on a photographic tour of my "Little House in Lusaka" as I Shannon Ingalls Wilder guide you through. Please refrain from flash photography and keep your hands where I can see them at all times...don't want any "sticky fingers"!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

In Studio

Recently I recorded the Redeemed Church Choir out at the farm. It is the church located near the farm whose roof blew off in a freak whirlwind a couple weeks ago...but that's beside the point. They composed 9 songs that we recorded in a couple hours because we had to be done by 3pm because there was a big soccer game on that Sunday afternoon that all the men wanted to watch. It seems some things transcend culture!Here they are, the Redeemed Church Choir
In the "Studio" aka the library
Getting ready (the girl in the front middle looks super impressed...she's probably just eager to watch the soccer game I suppose)

Apparently they have written 9 more songs they want to record next week...

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tale of a Storey

I've posted my updates from the past seven months that I send out via email. So if you are ever suffering from insomnia you can check it out...
Click here to read the ramblings

You can also find the link puttin' out the vibe in the sidebar.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Eating "Set"

So, I've chalked up another item to add to my food list. You can order the staple food, Nshima, in a fashion called "Set", which is a chicken head, chicken feet, chicken liver, and chicken intestine. I went with my friend, Daliso, to this sketchy market place to sit down and enjoy a little meal. I'm pretty sure I have worms.Set...tempting, tantalizing, and "tasty"
The head...complete with brain...could always use another
Both ends
The intestines...mmmm

Young Grasshopper!

I've been teaching guitar to a couple of youth here in Kasupe. This is Peter during one of our lessons. We spend about 2 hours doing scales, an hour of theory, and then play a little diddy at the end. Kidding. But he is doing very well...

Payton Hit's the Big 0-3!!!

It was a big day on August 26 when Payton Whitfield turned 3... an event of epic proportions!Here's me and the little man...he seems to have a bit of a "Chandler" reaction to cameras!
His "Thomas the Tank Engine" cake in all it's glory!