Sunday, September 02, 2007

Eating "Set"

So, I've chalked up another item to add to my food list. You can order the staple food, Nshima, in a fashion called "Set", which is a chicken head, chicken feet, chicken liver, and chicken intestine. I went with my friend, Daliso, to this sketchy market place to sit down and enjoy a little meal. I'm pretty sure I have worms.Set...tempting, tantalizing, and "tasty"
The head...complete with brain...could always use another
Both ends
The intestines...mmmm


Megs said...

Muli mpamvu MANIGI ndipo muli osokanedzeka!!!! I don't know if I spelled that right, but you are very strong and very crazy!!! I can't believe you did it! When I get back I think I will take you out for a real lunch without Daliso :) Or maybe we should bring him...We could teach him a thing or two.

Miss you and will see you soon!

Frank Martens said...

That is disqusting, however I'm sure it was worth the "I can say I've tried this" sort of deal.