Thursday, January 31, 2008

Monday, January 28, 2008

Perogie Party!

Friends were up from down south and with Anna Maria visiting we decided to whip up some good ol' Perogies.First one must roll out the dough

...then fill the dough...
...which must first be cut......then seal the perogie to be cooked and enjoyed.

Perogie Pals: Steph, Shannon, and Anna Maria

...and here are the bugs and larva we bothered to pick out of the flour...the rest stayed in the dough and we ate them. African Perogies at their best!

Zambia: Real Africa!

Nothing says "Real Africa" like Subway.

Anna Maria Comes to Visit!

I am honoured by the presence of my friend Anna Maria Enfield (front and centre) who, along with Stephanie Brink (pictured left), were part of the team that I first came to Zambia with in May '04. So it was a half team reunion!

...oh the times we've shared.

I Robot

Maybe Zambia's a little more developed than one would think...
...or we are just really into 80's dance moves here and are advised when and where to do specific moves. Coming soon the signs: "Running Man Ahead", "Moonwalk Ahead", and "Sprinkler Ahead".

The Truth About This Year

Here we are in Sinazongwe, about 4 hours south of Lusaka, where my friends Stephanie Brink and Susan Hundshamer are doing medical ministry. Some paint mysteriously ended up all over the new clinic floor. This is really what I've been doing all's been 12 months and they still have us locked in there trying to get the pain off! You can't cry over spilled milk...but you can (and will) cry over spilled paint.

Just Take a Little Off the Top...

Warning: The following blog may not be suitable for all professional hairdressers. Hairdressing discretion is advised. After about 11 months without a blade to my head I decided it may be appropriate for a trim. So my good pal Stephanie Brink brought out the borrowed sewing scissors and went to town on my dry and damaged locks. I know this is probably horrifying to you hairdressers but it was either that or a trip to this little open air shack called "Neat Cutz" on the side of the road. I opted for Steph's "Kitchen Corral Cutz" instead. Don't worry, I've saved a lock for each of you upon my return.