Monday, May 25, 2009

Six Lattes for the Price of None...

Thursday, May 21st, Tim Horton's was giving away free Iced Lattes between the hours of noon and 5pm. Being a lady of leisure I naturally took full advantage of this opportunity and got six. I hit up every Tim Horton's in Abbotsford (minus the gas station ones) for a complimentary latte. I could only drink three before I was unable to hold the steering wheel due to the caffeine. I pronounced myself unfit to drive. I know my latte limits.

At the Whatcom location they had run out of ice so they were handing out these coupons...suited me just fine!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shannon Storey: Chapter 27

The pages continue to turn and Chapter 27 of this Storey's life has commenced with new adventures in store and the closing of past ones.

Here I sit proudly with my cake...a cake that was delicious yet mislabeled and not the one we were expecting so the next day I took matters into my own hands. And after 26 years of letting others push me around I pushed back...and got the cake we were supposed to have...and half our money back. Two cakes for the price of half! I'm sorry Dairy Queen had to be the victim of my new found fortitude...but I really like cake so I guess it's win-win.
My dad showered me with gifts of a practical nature so that now I can change my own oil when I'm on my own, not only saving money on oil changes but making me into a 21st century woman! Who doesn't love a good ratchet set and oil pan!!
To celebrate I took the fam to Seattle to see the Seattle Mariners face off against the Boston Red Sox. Before the game we found this little Mexican restaurant. I can't remember the name but I'm pretty sure it was the Spanish word for "horse"...that or the owner had some strange obsession with them as the place was decked out in the finest horse velvet and brass art one could ever wish for. The food was delectable as well and with one left over tortilla I decided it couldn't go to waste so I put it in my hand bag and headed for the field. In the fourth inning I pulled out my "Birthday Tortilla!" for a nice little snack. I think that shall be a tradition.
Old tortilla's weren't the only fine culinary delights to be found at the ball park. Garlic fries permeate the air at Safeco field. It made Dana's eyes water but if you've never had them you at least have to have them once.
All the tears were worth it weren't they?! The Mariners lost 5-3 but we still had fun...and a Boston Red Sox player waved back at me...that or he was swatting at a fly.

After 14 months of working with the youth at Bakerview Church as "Interim Youth Director," this chapter has come to a close. My successor, Stephen, was hired in April and is now at the helm. Although it was a challenging experience for me in the fact that I felt like I was completely inadequate to be called for such a task and responsibility, now as I look back God has been incredibly faithful in carrying me through everything I couldn't do on my own. And I got to work with the coolest kids in town who really made this job great! I'm sure going to miss them!!!

And comes the beginning of something new. This fall I will be moving to Belleville, Ontario to enter the "Belle of Belleville" beauty contest...actually to study photojournalism at Loyalist College. It wasn't until returning home from Zambia that I really even thought about photojournalism but always having had an interest in photography and a new found interest in writing while in Zambia plus through the suggestion of friends I looked into it. And here we are. Who knows where this will lead...besides to Belleville. I don't know if there really is a Belle of Belleville but I would like to make it my mission to become said Belle.
And with the new direction comes something to get me there. A month ago I also said goodbye to my trusty 91 Honda Civic whom I fondly named "Tina Turner" (not to be confused with "Tina Tuna") due to the fact that it was fairly old but just kept on rolling. But now I have a new lovely...a 99 Rav 4 complete with tape deck! I've never owned a car with cup holders so naturally I am quite smitten with it. So in August I shall pack her up and drive off to the wilds of Ontario...because apparently Ontario is mine to discover, or so they tell me.
And so there you have it. Change is in the air...for Barak Obama and myself. I wish change was literally in the air and I could rake it in with a butterfly net. Then I wouldn't have to get a summer job.