Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Little House in Lusaka

About 10 days ago I moved into a new dwelling place in the city of Lusaka. I live alone. I do not have any cats. Although there is the Allen family, new to the team, who lives about 15 steps away...but they are not cats either. It's splendid to be in the city as it is closer to everything and everyone...but there is still a very large place in my heart for Kasupe and the farm (I would give it the right ventricle of my heart) of which I still work in 2-3 times a week.

Join me on a photographic tour of my "Little House in Lusaka" as I Shannon Ingalls Wilder guide you through. Please refrain from flash photography and keep your hands where I can see them at all times...don't want any "sticky fingers"!


Patti said...

Nice place!!! How are you? Have you received my e-mails? I was feeling like you dropped of the face of the earth! We enjoy reading your updates. I am going to see Megan this weekend and send a package for you along with you. Now don't get so excited that you wet yourself--I know you have issues like that. Talk to you soon!

Your favorite Chicagoan~ Patti

Anonymous said...

wow Shannon, I love your little place! It's soooo cute! When are you coming home to the ford?


Laura said...

haha. your little house is so cute. your a little susie home-maker now aren't ya!
and i'm a little upset about my picture in the kitchen....way overpriced and not my best side! :-)
love ya shani

Anonymous said...

i made it onto your fridge!!!! even two pictures!! :D i feel as though i can see you eating in the morning through the little eyes i poked out in my photos. heheh.
love, bits and bits and bits!