Tuesday, September 18, 2007

In Studio

Recently I recorded the Redeemed Church Choir out at the farm. It is the church located near the farm whose roof blew off in a freak whirlwind a couple weeks ago...but that's beside the point. They composed 9 songs that we recorded in a couple hours because we had to be done by 3pm because there was a big soccer game on that Sunday afternoon that all the men wanted to watch. It seems some things transcend culture!Here they are, the Redeemed Church Choir
In the "Studio" aka the library
Getting ready (the girl in the front middle looks super impressed...she's probably just eager to watch the soccer game I suppose)

Apparently they have written 9 more songs they want to record next week...

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Anonymous said...

i cant wait to hear the recordings!! i wish i coulda been there...