Friday, May 18, 2007

The Rice and Beans Experiment

Last week we embarked on a journey that would forever change us. Our goal: to eat rice and beans twice a day for one whole week. Our reason: why not! Mission accomplished. Although we did not just eat them plain, but had rice and beans with a cornucopia of other ingredient to concoct quite the culinary delight for our pallets.

My own personal vendetta was to eat each my with my handy travel chopsticks, a habit I just might continue well after rice and beans week. It really works the muscles in your hands...a few more weeks of this and I could have a pretty ripped right hand...I shall conquer all "Thumb Wars!"

Just a side note: you know that song that talks about beans being the "musical fruit"...I don't think beans are actually a fruit, I've been researching it. I think that song needs to change. No comment on the validty of the songs lyrics to being the determining factor in eating "beans for every meal"

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