Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Double D Wedding

On May 11th, 2008 my friends Daniel & Deanne were united in that blessed arrangement of marriage. Daniel and I have been buddies ever since that summer Mexico missions trip when he was but a wee 14 and I 19 and pointed out the painfully mundane with great enthusiasm...such as "Look , Daniel, a boat!!!" He started dating Deanne who after several months we realized we are second cousins, who knew! Congratulations Daniel and Deanne!Bride over troubled waters
Daniel"Look, Daniel, you're getting married!"

Nate, my table mate and one of the dear sheep of my youth flock.Nate photographed and posed this shot. My favorite direction was, "Okay, now roll your eyes back in your head...I only wanna see whites". Pure genius.

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