Thursday, May 22, 2008


Some years ago, 1982 to be precise, a new storey was born. This year marked the 26th chapter to be written. And here is a photo self tribute marked by impeccable maturity and grace:
A gaze into the years past and those to come...
Leave no candle untouched!

A real class act

doesn't take much
pretty much just a large "Dora the Explorer" bag will do.

And so another year over and a new one just begun. Thanks to all of you who have been such precious flowers in the garden of my life.

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Carol said...

I'm brazilian and I don't speak english very well!But I'm reading blogs and I found yours,wich is very nice(and really funny!).
And it's your birthday...happy birthday to you!Like we say here,"que todos os seus desejos se realizem e que vocĂȘ seja muito feliz".In english,it's something like "I hope that all your dreams come true and happiness for you!".
So...bye.How do you say "Beijos"?Kisses?
So...lots of kisses!