Thursday, May 22, 2008

I bet my bottom dollar and there was sun!

Annie promised the sun would come out tomorrow and "tomorrow" finally came for one brilliant weekend. The lack of sunshine here was making me noticeably angry and irritated so when the sun finally came I gave it my all. A little too much. The sun did not treat me kindly, in fact it burnt me, but I won't hold a grudge. Funny how I spent a year in Africa and burned once (which happened to be the first week). I come home and get burned worse in Abbotsford than Africa.
Cancer looks good on me doesn't it!

This season I will be sporting my new $4 "Pam Beasly's". (Those classy whitey white shoes). Stay tuned for my post "Crocs: The Most Controversial Footwear in Town"
This is Madeline...she sits by our front door. On sunny days we sit on the step together.

Dana and Madeline are "besties" reminiscing all the good times.

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