Sunday, December 22, 2013

The 8 Days of Christmas Sweaters: Seoul Sister Bonus Sweater

This year we have a special international bonus sweater to add to the collection!  I give to you my Seoul Sister, Dana.  I miss her dearly.

Annyeong haseyo!  Greetings sweater lovers from Korea. I'm usually behind-the-scenes on the "8 Days of Sweaters" but I'm stepping out of the shadows (boy, was it cold there!) and in to the limelight to showcase a Christmas sweater, Gangnam style.  There is a lack of thrift stores in Seoul (as Koreans prefer to buy new clothes) so I had to pay full retail for this gem.  It's worth it!  Santa's fluffy white beard applique is the star of the show as it pops against a midnight sky background, while his traditional rosy red cheeks are highlighted with machine embroidery.  In fashion-obsessed Seoul, Santa knows what's hot on the runway as he sports a cap in of-the-moment plaid.  And, although written in English, Santa's jolly laugh brings joy to children of any language.  This sweater is 5 year old Korean child approved.  I wish I could be ho ho home for the holidays but being a part of this magical annual tradition will have to do.  Merry Christmas to all!

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Katie said...

DANA!!!!!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!!!! I don't know where to start..... Seoul sister?!! It must have been cold there in the shadows???!!!! And paying FULL PRICE for that sweater; I can't believe you even found it! Anyways, you look beautiful and I wish you a very Merry Christmas. Thank you for this guest post, it totally made my day! Come back again soon, you and Shannon are absolutely hilarious!!!