Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Tribute to the Ozmonds!

Upon the conclusion of my conference in Toronto my good pal, Sarah, came and picked me up from "The Castle" and whisked me a way to luxurious Cambridge. The sights, the sounds, the smells of this whimsical place lie vivid in my memory. Notable attractions such as the "Putt Hutt" and "Giant Tiger" quickly captured me. But even with all these features it is arguably the Ozmond family that is one of the finest things about Cambridge...if not Ontario. Mr. and Mrs. O have been faithful readers of this publication while I was in Zambia without us ever meeting. They welcomed me warmly into their home. And when I say "warmly" I'm pretty sure they cranked the heat from what it normally would be for my wimpy BC bones. And so Sarah and I did what we do best...reek havoc in malls...just like the good ol' days at the portrait studio! We don't follow direction all that well. The sign on the glass says to stay back and off the ledge. We were too captivated by the ice and the Zamboni. And of course we had to take the opportunity to pose with our Ontario Olympic heroes. Obviously. And while Sarah had to work I enjoyed the retirement lifestyle with her parents. I came to quite enjoy it. The Ozmonds were all far too good to me...and so here is my tribute to you! Thank you!!

Here is a photo captured of my time with them.

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