Sunday, December 28, 2008

Canadian Youth Workers Conference

If there is one place I love in the bleak mid-winter it is Ontario! Two years ago I spent 5 glorious days in the Greater Toronto Area in February on my way to Zambia. On December 4th (I know it's not actually winter...but it felt like it!) I found myself on a Westjet flight to Toronto for a Youth Workers Conference. I really do love Westjet but flight attendant Ashley was very cold to me. I tried to be as perky as possible to try and crack her but to no avail. I watched her the whole flight. She didn't crack for at least I know it wasn't just me. Poor Ashley. Rough day in the skies.

My conference was at the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel which, by the way (BTW as the young people say), is NOT actually a don't bother bringing your tiara and'll just feel out of me.
A lot of good seminars and sessions that kept me busy. My favorite moment may have been when the 65 year old lady next to me started "raising the roof" during a performance by a hip hop group called "Manifest".

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