Thursday, December 18, 2008

Do you remember a time in November...

Here is a whirlwind tour of a time in November when hearts were young and voices merry...
'Twas a crazy month of retreats, conferences, and all things chaotic.

We start with the first weekend of the month. It was our Jr Youth Retreat at Manning Park. Oh what a jolly time we shared. No snow...but crazy fun none the less with no injuries!!
Notable highlights:
- bus ride with one student stringing together every obnoxious comment and question about our travels in a constant frenzy of chatter
- One boy, from Korea, who kept walking in around the chalet in just his boxers. He wrecked his pants on a hike later in the weekend so we forced him to wear a towel skirt! If anyone could make a fashion statement with a towel it was Sam...sometimes short, sometimes long, sometimes a-line, always trendy!
- a hike to the "Trappers Cabin" that involved no trail and a lot of bushwhacking and screaming
- mattress slides down the stairs
- dance parties
- forcing food down the children's throats..."What's a matter for you? You don't like it? EAT!! You're too skinny! You eat like a bird!"
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The next weekend was the Christian Musicians Summit in Redmond, Washington. A bunch of us from Bakerview went down for the conference which included concerts, workshops and SWAG...stuff we all get!
Noteworthy highlights:
- Seeing Abe Laboriel rock out on the bass
- trying to jump during concerts in pews where the floor is slopped and there is a "Bible box" right at your knees so you have no knees and calves told the story of how that went!

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Third weekend: Sr Youth Retreat at Manning Park...second verse, same as the first...maybe not
We stay in a big three storey (I guess it's four when I'm there...muhahahah) chalet called "The Last Resort"...that Lincoln Park song runs through my head every time! We packed the bus full of 41 and went laughing all the way watching "Elf" on the way up.
Mentionable Highlights:
- snow, snow, snow!
- the mattress slide once again
- the delightful tunes of the really horrible sounding keyboard
- seeing Emmanuel -God with us- in a real and raw way and how he changed our students through one crazy night
- playing Skipbo in the middle of the night with Colby the Security Guard

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And that was November in a nutshell...stay tuned for tales of December including my wild winter adventure in Ontario, the Boars Head Feast, and two youth banquets...followed by a nervous breakdown and heavy sedatives!

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