Sunday, December 21, 2008

Life is Better in the Sweater: Day 4

Now I hope you will not be upset with me...but I had to falsify some information as not to hurt you. As you can see Day 4 is not a sweater at all, but a vest! So because it includes less fabric I tried to jazz it up a bit with a bow tie and nutcracker doll. I find there are certain occasions when a sweater is simply not appropriate such as warmer climates and as a Walmart greeter. Sometimes you just want to class up your ensemble and this vest is the ideal choice. Also, if you find yourself at an impromptu caroling session and forget the words to "Winter Wonderland" you need look no further than down. And nothing is more classy than snowmen amidst a blood red sky.
I will warn you that one more vest is coming, I feel it only right to be honest with you.


Celia said...

Your sweater is really very festive.! Merry Christmas.

MOBACH'S said...

i wait with bated ( is that the right spelling? ) breath for the next sweaters!! so festive!! puts me in the 'christmas mood'. So if we can get out of here ( the ferry is closed and the ice road isn't open) and get to the coast want to go shopping on the 10th? we are going to hang out as girls? you are more than welcome.. facebook me! you know where i am! we need to talk about a certain rowboat!

Sandy Dahl said...

I won't get into the semantics of "sweater" vs. "vest" because I like your variation on a theme in order to include this timeless piece. If it included a blood-red moon in that colourfull sky it could be a depiction of the end times in Revelation, making it a truly religious addition to your collection. All in all, I love it!