Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Life is Better in the Sweater: Day 7

And so Christmas eve has found an over-sized snowman sweater! The glitz, the glam, the glitter...and why put one snowman on when you could have four! And all wrapped up in a giant ribbon bow. This one is new to the collection. Why anyone would let this one go is beyond me.

Snow has also found it's way all the way to the west coast and so me and my "men of the snow" took to the white wilderness.

Snow and a snowman seems it's almost too much to take in.
The morning started off well as the Storey ladies three had to trek out and push Dad's car out of the parking lot in our pajamas (except for Mumsie Storey...she of course was dressed and in her finest boots)

Day 7 is dedicated to the memory of my Grandpa who passed away one year ago today.


Anonymous said...

Grandpa is smiling from heaven, Shannon-have a great Christmas!!
Auntie Jo, Grant and Ellie

MOBACH'S said...

Merry Christmas Shan Shan!!!
Can't wait to see you soon!!
We will party like its 1993..