Friday, February 02, 2007

A Surprise!

If there is one night of the week I am going to miss the most here it would be Thursday night! I will miss it most because this is the night "The Office" is on...just kiddin' (well, I really like that too). Thursday night is youth night and this past Thursday was my last for a while and the last with this specific group. We spent the evening helping out at the MCC Wharehouse, loading clothes into a container bound for India and also trying to find Megans coat with her keys and phone that accidentally got thrown amidst the endless bags of clothes! (we found it though!). When we got back to the church they totally surprised me with a little farewell hootenanny! They decorated, baked, shoved my face in a cake, tried to push me in a kiddie pool and that is why I love them so. So this one goes out to the ones I love...the Bakerview youth. I'm gonna miss you guys!

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Matt said...

Hey Shannon - glad you didn't get stuck in London, though I'd have gladly welcomed that strike ;)

I coulda hooked you up serious over there!

Hope you're settling well in Afrika!