Friday, February 09, 2007

The Skinny

We'll see how this list evolves and changes once I get there...

Most excited about: music

Most scared about: snakes

One thing I want to learn: to dance not so “white-like”

What I hope to accomplish: world peace and a cure for AIDS

Determined to: eat weird things

What I will miss the most: TV…just kidding, you

Who I will miss the most: Dwight Schrute

TV shows I will miss the most: The Office, The Amazing Race, Survivor at the Zanbergen’s with the gang, and Ellen

What did I pack just for fun/sentimental value: pictures (especially my sweater pics), my “Office” calendar, a Nerf basketall hoop and ball (Nerf guns would have been too big), my travel mug, travel chopsticks, and a puppy (okay, there’s no puppy)

What I’m not looking forward to: getting sick, missing home, culture shock, seeing things that break my heart, wearing skirts all time (the inhibit the frequent high kicks I like to do)

What I’m looking forward to: meeting new friends, experiencing a new culture, adventure, the sun, taming a lion

What will I do as soon as I get off the plane: sing the introduction from the song “The Circle of Life”

Another thing I want to learn: to play the drum

Something unexpected I packed: long johns (not the doughnuts, the undergarment)

Something God has taught me through this process: to wait, patience (still not so good at that)

When is my birthday: May 19th …please come to by birthday party

What’s the most annoying thing about my computer keyboard: the shift key keeps falling off!!!


mama and Papa Eby said...

Hey Shannon
We just wanted to say a LAST goodbye before you leave tomorrow.
Sounds like you had a GREAT time in the T.
Let us know you arrive safe and sound.
love you
moma and papa

akuske said...


haha, your list cracks me up, i especially loved the part where you said you missed ME the most!! hahaha

:) love ya! andrea!