Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hut, Sweet Hut!

Check out the new "Digs" (as the young people say)! Welcome to my humble abode. How awesome is it that I get to live in a hut in Africa. Below is a little tour of where I live. It is a large property of Action Zambia called "The Farm". Here is where most of us single people live as well as one of the familys on the team. This is also where we host short term teams. It is outside of town and right next to a little Bar that seems to enjoy blaring music...Shakira , seems to be a favorite!
(click on the pictures to make them bigger)
The Hut - where my "hutmate" Steph and I reside

Inside Look- I sleep on the right, under my net

Shower (right)/Toilet (left)- where I take my monthly shower

The RoofHuts from a distance- there are three in total on the property, mine is on the left

Near the front gate

The main house- where we cook, eat, some sleep, and keep the Zebras

So there you have it. My first post from Zambia. I have been struggling with the ol' jet lag...I guess I'm not as young as I used to be. These old bones just don't bounce back like they used to! I'm off to drink prune juice. I'll keep you "posted" (ha, pun...again).


Anonymous said...

Great to see where you live. Trust you will get caught up on your sleep soon, but knowing you, I doubt it! Where do you keep the giraffes? Praying for you. Love, Mom

Myron said...

Hey Shannon,

The place looks great!!! Get some sleep.


Nikki said...

Wow, it looks amazing there. I am glad that is sounds like all went well, while travelling and that you have found your amazing new home. I hope that you have an amzing crazy adventure. Stay safe and I know that you will have a great experience!!!