Friday, February 09, 2007

Mr. Sticky

This just in…today I took the bus into New Market, a town north of Toronto, and hit up the mall. I was in Sears when I heard it. An announcement rang true over the loud speakers of the store that stated I needed to locate the flashing orange light and I would receive something free! So of course I took off like a house on fire towards that orange light. I joined other eager 10 year olds as the first to arrive…their parents followed suit. The anticipation was high as we waited with bated breath for our host to arrive. She finally arrived and huddled us close to her demonstration table where she proceeded to hand us our free “Microfibre lens cleaning rag”. Now I can clean all sorts of things like glasses, CD’s, camera lenses…plus I can throw it right in the wash!!! Isn’t that great. She then took the liberty to introduce us to the feature product… “MR. STICKY”!!! This amazing rolling lint cleaner will be the only one I need for the rest of my life. It also has a little brother “JUNIOR STICKY” and a big brother “GIANT STICKY” who comes on a big stick (haha, pun). It’s soon to be on the shopping channel but I could have got it there first for only $29.95. I took my free microfibre rag and hit the road. My friend, Sandy, and I once fell for the “Extreme Edge Knife” about 6 years ago. Who could say no to the free fillet knife and juicer? So you heard it here first folks…keep your eyes out for “MR. STICKY”…he won’t let you down. And now all my lenses will be dirt free!

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