Friday, February 02, 2007

The Final Countdown!

The day is almost here, the adventure is about to begin. I am set to leave at 6:30am on Sunday Feb 4th (Super Bowl Sunday). I will be flying to Toronto where I will spend a glorious week seeing Ontario for the very first time...I hear this is the best time of year to go! It makes things a little tricky when you are trying to pack for Africa but are making a detour to the land of "stinkin' cold"! Thanks to friends and their families and friends I should be covered for the week as far as finding places to stay! Then on Feb 11th I set out once more, stopping in London for 12 hours, then off the final destination of Lusaka, Zambia...arriving at 6:50am on Tuesday, February 13th. I will then jump right into orientation that morning.

This past week has been a week of goodbyes and getting ready to go. It's hard to say goodbye to the people I love but I'm excited for the year ahead...a real mixed bag of emotions, surreal almost. So in the words of Glass Tiger: "Don't forget me when I'm gone!"

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