Saturday, December 26, 2009

The 8 Days of Christmas Sweaters: Head to the Polls!

It's time to cast your ballot for your favourite sweater creation of the 2009 collection!   You will find the ballot at the top of the page.

Once again these sweaters have made my year!  One can't express in words the excitement of finding these little gems in the thrift store.  I hope you too felt their magic this season.

Thanks to everyone who has followed along and for all your kind comments!  And for those silent followers don't feel creepy for I am usually one of you.  Ain't no shame in it.  Unless you are watching me outside my window right now.  Then there's a little bit of shame. 

Merry Christmas and is always better in the sweater.


Dana said...

I voted for Day 8. This sweater is truly a beauty in person!

Anonymous said...

So true. Life is always better in a sweater!

Anonymous said...

Oops! Forgot to sign my name.


Hanners said...

the vest is great, but it's not truly a sweater. i stand by my day 8 vote.

Laura E. said...

totally forgot to get my vote in on time. dang it all. i would have been voting for day 7. oh my goodness!

moma and papa said...

I tatally missed the vote....I would have voted for day 7 for sure.
So sorry we missed seeing you Shannon. We hope you have a GREAT term at school.

moma and papa Eby