Thursday, December 24, 2009

The 8 Days of Christmas Sweaters: Day 8

Christmas eve has found me where the sweater light gleams. One can only dream of being in a home like this sweater displays. It's like carrying around a portable living room wherever you go. Does this Christmas find you far away from home? Well, this sweater is the answer to your home away from home needs.

Simply dawn this knit little wonder and let it's yarn transport you to a whole new world. As Aladdin would say, "don't you dare close your eyes!" Or else you might miss the triumph of this textile masterpiece.

A charming little tree stands proudly adorned with pearls and precious gems as satin wrapped present lie beneath it's fabric boughs. Get lost as you stare out into the snowy abyss, right through my armpit. And rock around the Christmas tree upon a horse.

It's a bitter sweet day as this is the 8th and final sweater of this years collection. (I actually meant to have this day fall on Christmas Day but turns out I can't count. Good thing I'm studying to be a photojournalist and not an accountant.)

But it's not quite over yet! Voting for your favourite sweater will commence on Boxing Day so get your picks ready.

Thanks to everyone who has joined in on this 8 day sweater journey!!
Merry Christmas!

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