Thursday, December 17, 2009

The 8 Days of Christmas Sweaters: Day 1

You've waited for it all year and finally it's here...its the second annual 8 Days of Christmas Sweaters. There is something magical in the fibers that comprise a festive Christmas sweater and in these final days leading up to Christmas we will celebrate these textile masterpieces.

This years collection is brought to you courtesy of Belleville, Ontario, where these little gems were found. I asked Belleville to bring it, a boy did it ever.

This first little number rings true the spirit of Christmas with teddy bears and Christmas trees. It's button up ability makes dawning it a breeze, allowing one to put it on with ease with out messing up ones fancy, festive up-do. A closer look reveals the textural detail that really makes this sweater shine. Tiny golden beads and glittery gold yarn takes this sweater into true Christmas glory.


Joanne said...

Definitely a keeper! Looking forward to the others! Have a good Christmas-say hi to everyone! Love Auntie Jo

MOBACH'S said...

i have clicked ever day waiting for this and this morning was the morning.. WOOHOOO.... so glad you are home ... just wish it was here in Yellowknife you were returning to! Love the sweater... can't wait to vote!

Lor said...

hahaha! yes. the long awaited time has come! my oh my am I ever loving this first sweater!
can't wait to see you soon!