Sunday, December 23, 2012

The 8 Days of Christmas Sweaters 2012: Day 7

Oh holy night, the stars and stripes are shining.  You'll be in the 2% best dressed in the country in this star spangled stunner.  Day seven brings a little shock and awe to the Christmas season.  This sweater says, "who cares if it's Christmas, I live in the USA!"  This flagship sweater will have you flying at full mast this season with broader stripes than shoulders.  Armed with the twinkle of these hand beaded winter stars, this sweater is loud and proud with a hint of Christmas...but not to be outdone by.  I like to call this scene: Immigrants First Christmas.  Thanks to this sweater and it's land I have been given a new life, a fresh start.  It's only a pity that this country is not a tart-fearing nation like the one I hail from.  Because more than a fresh start, I'd like a fresh butter tart.  And don't be surprised if bald eagles are seen circling overhead, just keep a firm grip on your green bean casserole.  This high flying button up cardi will have people saying, "Oh say, can I see that sweater?!"

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