Saturday, December 22, 2012

The 8 Days of Christmas Sweaters 2012: Day 6

Well, looks like we're still here so it's cause for cheer.  And if you like to look good, then you're going to want to wear this. And what's more fitting for celebrating Christ's birth than wrapping this dandy around your girth.   Had the Holy Land been set more in the arctic, I'm quite sure these polar bears would have attended the ice cave birth due to no room in the igloo. 

Day six holds a holiday humdinger that surely Mrs. Clause would love to get her paws on.  Simply spectacular.  It's head to waist decadence punctuated with polar bear Christmas fare.  Pop this detachable fur collar and give your neck a treat.  Complimented with it's matching fur pom pom toggles, this zip-up is pure animal skin luxury.  Hand beaded embroidered snowflakes add to the extravagance, as they fall upon polar bears all hopped up on Coca Cola.  With all that caffeine and sugar its no wonder they don't hibernate.  Instead they dress up in stocking caps, scarves and wreaths around their necks and dance upon your waistline.  Quite frankly, polar bears make the rest of bear community look like squares. You're going to like the way you look in this sweater, all furred up.  But do keep a watchful eye out for PETA and their flying paint.

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Rebekah said...

This one's a beaut! It's bell shape seems ideal to hide one's holiday gut.