Thursday, December 20, 2012

The 8 Days of Christmas Sweaters 2012: Day 4

Sometimes less is more according to day four.  Less fabric to cram in all the magic. You think the season is busy, just take a look at this sleeveless charmer that will have eyes crossing.  A frosty host of snowman lie in every which direction on picnic blankets, most likely because they got so dizzy looking at the rest of this vest.  Sprinkled in with hearts, flowers, snowflakes, foliage and gifts makes sure perfectly good vest space in not put to waste.  Layer this four button wonder over your favourite holiday high-kneck such as a turtle or mock, but be sure never to layer anything over-top.  A blazer with this bad boy is a serious vest violation.  Ditch the constricting sleeves of convention and fly free.  This look says, "by the power vested in me, I know pronounce this party started."


Alison99503 said...

I love it! And I'm pretty sure I had a vest like this in grade school.

Rebekah said...

There's so much going on in that festive fabric, it's hard to take it all in!