Thursday, December 22, 2011

The 8 Days of Christmas Sweaters 2011: Day 6

On day 6 we are treated to a knit winter scape like no other.  Three marshmallow cabins sit nestled amidst the midnight mountains while snow falls all around, even down your arms.  It's a sweater so magical that even tulips are blooming in the bleak mid winter.  But what really sets this number against the rest is it's country club chic popped collar, a rare find in knit sweaters.  Play a round of winter golf, tennis or polo in a sweater that is sure to exceed any dress code.  Show off your country cottage at your country club all in one easy wear.  This sweater says, "baby, it's cold outside...but I don't care cause I'm sweating on the inside and I look amazing in this sweater."


Jo said...

I'm kinda liking this one!! See you next week!!

Katie said...

I have NEVER seen anything like this! A collar??? Where in the world did you find this??