Sunday, December 18, 2011

The 8 Days of Christmas Sweaters 2011: Day 2

Day two brings with it a taste of divinity fit for your Sunday best.  Angels we have heard on high!  Some say it's better to be seen than heard...and we're definitely glad to see these three little crocheted wonders who make quite the statement.  Flitting and floating amidst a nights sky of gigantic snow flakes, these little celestial beings really light this sweater up.  A classy silver zip-up closure stops just in time to reveal some sass, forcing you to bear a little holiday skin, and creating quite the visually captivating neck line.  Wear this to your next holiday party and you'll have your guests exclaiming, "in excelsis deo!"


Katie said...

oh Shannon, how I love this time of year!!! The only time of year when we can count on regular blog posts from you :)
How many more days until the big day?

Peace be with you as you make all your final preparations. I'm so excited for you!

Shannon said...

Hahaha, thanks Katie! The big day is on the 30th...12 days!