Friday, November 20, 2009

Time for a change...

Frugal times call for frugal measures. In an attempt to save money while gaining a sense of accomplishment I have taken to changing my own oil. My dad taught me before I moved here and showered me with the tools to do so as birthday gifts! Why pay someone to change it in 10 minutes when I could do it myself in triple the time!

So on this balmy November morning in Ontario I took the little Rav out for a spin to warm up, making a B-line for the closest McDonalds to get my free cup of coffee. Once again...frugal times and I don't fight free coffee.

I'm sure Joe from Jiffy Lube has lost his child-like wonder at watching the oil go through the funnel but I haven't. And isn't that what it's all about folks? That and my engine not seizing.

I have been driving on the road for two days now and still no explosions.

I've also been catching mice and making borscht. And, yes, those two activities are unrelated...or are they?

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