Saturday, November 07, 2009

Hupp to it...

If you have been following this blog long enough then you are either my mom or very kind. You also may remember from my time in Zambia a story about a little girl named Mary who was adopted by the Hupp family.
For a refresher click here

In Manchester, Connecticut one might find a 'city of village charm'. One may also find a shady little pub called the Hungry Tiger. And once one has found these two things one may also come across the Hupp family. I realized that now living in Belleville, 'the friendly city', I was but a mere drive away from my long lost friends.

So with Ontario giving an entire week off for college students in the fall semester and not allowing work to be assigned for over this break (I didn't want to question it should my bringing it to light that this is crazy may in turn cause the powers that be to revoke this magical time. It's like when you were a child and were getting away with something you knew you shouldn't be allowed to get away with. You don't look back in these situations. You grab hold of them and go as far as you can. This was Connecticut). So it seemed like the perfect opportunity for an international adventure to America!

Oh the times we shared...just like the good ol' days on the farm in Zambia! The Hupps gave me many things. One, a new found interest in following football (they are kind of freaks about it!). The second can be found in three words...NEW.YORK.CITY!! (post to follow).

I like to think that this is how Patti has spent the last two years...waiting at the door for me to arrive.

Luke...he loves his sisters dearly. And he has a sweet room.
Emma...leaves no leaf unturned.
Mary...she's not a vegetarian.

Sisters who love sisters...always.

I just like how gangster Patti looks in this one. Now there is a father in the picture, Steve, although not in any of these pictures. He's very illusive.

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