Saturday, February 16, 2008

Kasupe Goodbyes

I've been back in Canada for almost a week now but am trying to catch up on posting the last few weeks. So here are some of my friends who I will and do miss dearly already from Kasupe , where I lived for the first seven months.

This is Mrs. Sylvia Sakala, part of the Rural Health Committee I worked with. She lost her husband in October and now stays with her daughter in town. I was able to visit her the week before I left, we had such an awesome time. Wow, what a sweet lady!
This is Peter, who I taught guitar to. He just finished grade 9 and should be off to boarding school soon. He is such a great youth and an excellent guitar student. He caught on really quick and I know he will do great things with his new skill. Here we are at our last lesson with his new guitar.

This is my buddy Grandson. Such an awesome kid. We had general good times climbing trees, looking for snakes/scorpions, learning math, etc. I was able to visit his home and his family my last day out there. It was so good to visit his mom and four siblings (his dad was at a funeral but called me to say goodbye, using precious and expensive talktime on his phone...very sweet). His youngest brother, Matthews was burned badly when a pot of boiling water fell on his arm/hand. All the kids sleep in one room on the floor with no mattress and it didn't appear very much in the way of blankets.

This is Jilos Sakala. I met Jilos four years ago when I came. He is a great man who works for ACTION helping to maintain the farm property. He is also part of his church choir and plays piano who I was able to do a bit of recording for. He lives next door with his wife and two adorable little girls.

These are just a few of the faces that I love and will miss so much!!!

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