Monday, September 25, 2006

Picture This

I've just uploaded some new pics to my Flickr site. Half are from our Youth grad trip to San Francisco this past May...and I finally finished the roll last weekend! The other half were experimenting with long exposure shots at our Youth Leader retreat at Cultus Lake (Photos featuring Megan Stewart). So if you want to check it out CLICK HERE or on the "Photographs" link in the side bar.

As for Zambia I will hopefully give a more detailed update soon. I am getting closer to reaching the financial goals. I am about to start a new job and continue to be involved with the youth ministry and worship ministry at Bakerview. More to come on these things.

1 comment:

ashleymhw said...

shannon storey!! u totally rock my socks!!! ahahahahha... umm... i'm slow like a turtle, i hope that doesn't make you allergic to chlorine too.. hahahhaa... oooh!!! everyone should check out shannon's flickr... her photos are ice blue... not red apple!!! catchya later, my little sailor!!