Thursday, September 07, 2006

In May 2005 I made my first voyage to Zambia as part of a team from TWU. Our fearless leader for that trip was Stephanie Brink and on September 8, 2006 she is heading back to Zambia to work with Action Zambia just like I. She is a midwife and I know God will use her to do amazing things there. I had hoped to be able to go with her but God has other plans so I'm excited for her and look forward to meeting up in January! Pray for her as she makes the long trek!
This is a picture from this summer when Steph came up to BC and we got a chance to meet up, eat some Thai food from a sketchy looking restaurant, chat about Zambia, and take a self-photo using the trunk of my car!

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Anonymous said...

Shannon, I think what you are doing for others is brilliant, your music is beautiful and your photography is stunning! You really should be entering it into contests and magazines. You have a true gift and are a wonderfully creative person. Good luck in all your ventures, you will do the world some good!