Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The 8 Days of Christmas Sweaters 2014: Day 8

     And so Christmas eve has found us once again on Day 8 of the seventh annual 8 Days of Christmas Sweaters.  A bittersweet time as we bid farewell to another year of Christmas craftsmanship and all the magic that is embodied it's festive threads.

     This ultimate sweater brings this years collection to an iconic close with a winter staple.  The snowman, formerly known as Frosty, raises his hands in desperation to the sky and you can almost here him cry, "if someone calls me Olaf one more time...!!!" Oh, Olaf, stop being so dramatic.  Made of the finest rabbit hair, this mock neck beauty is as soft as a thousand kittens.  Yarn balls fall from the sky, blanketing your waistline, helping cover the fresh layer of cheese ball, egg nog, and sugar cookies that are also now adorning your waistline.  Who knew such a cold scene could look so hot.

     And with that we draw to a close.  I must make an addendum to my Day 1 post where I reference my mother who used to wear these types of holiday gems.  I neglected to mention that she is now very fashion forward, always on trend.  In fact, the sweater she is in right now has leather elbow patches, soooo....

Tomorrow voting begins to crown this years winning sweater.

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stephanie said...

Oh girl, you've done it again. You are my Christmas laugh. Thank you and know you are missed in the lower 48. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas.