Saturday, December 20, 2014

The 8 Days of Christmas Sweaters 2014: Day 4

     Day 4 heralds this dapper denim dazzler that says, "there's a new Christopher Robin in town!"  The Hundred Acre Wood won't know what hit it when you show up in this Jean ombré ensemble that would make even Jay Leno's protruding chin drop. The glitter infused denim shimmers like a menorah, putting the glitz and glam back into country western where it belongs. Saddle on up to the egg nog and wrangle yourself some head turns on the way as your guests are sure to exclaim, "goodness, gracious, cheese balls of fire!"  Don't get stuck being the Eeyore at this years holiday round up, and dress like you mean it. And as an added bonus you can say things like, "oh, would you look at that! I got a little Pooh on my shirt."  Sure to get big laughs from all the underage attendees, and let's face 

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Katie said...

where did you find this??!! I'm actually a bit disturbed!