Friday, June 27, 2008

The Butter Knife Stabbing

It started out a pleasant summer evening in a quiet residential neighbourhood of Abbotsford. The Jr. Youth group had just set out on a "Progressive Dinner", the first stop...buns. But things were about to take a buttery, bloody turn for one youth director and her youth. While standing in line, awaiting her turn for fresh baked delights a disturbance arose from a group of grade 6 boys (which is pretty much a given...when is there not with grade 6 boys!) who began to fight for control of a butter knife. And in the blink of an eye, or perhaps a stab, it had happened. One boy grabbed the knife, thrusting his fist back over his shoulder and into aforementioned youth directors face, leaving an eye full of butter and cut. Onlooking youth began to shout, "Your bleeding!!" Controlling the situation with a bandaid or two the night returned back to its peaceful chaos.I went to the hospital under the advise of some medical professionals who said it would heal better if I got it stitched. Not wanting to look like ol' Al Capone I heeded their advice. Turns out it didn't need it after two hours in emergency. So I guess I'm stuck with "Scarface".

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Patti said...

It's you! It really helps bring out your tough side!