Friday, June 20, 2008

The Bakerview Church Annual Genral Meeting: White Girl Raps

This past Wednesday evening was our church annual general business meeting, well known for it's hefty agenda of reports and formal business-like manner using words more typically heard in parliament and enforcing "Roberts Rule of Order." For this event each pastor is required to write an annual report for their area. So, therefore, I set forth and carried out this task. Then at the meeting those who have written reports get up and speak to their report and then a motion is made to accept the report after further questioning and commenting. So since this was my first AGM report (and could very well be my last!) I took the liberty of writing a rap to speak to my report. Now the demographics of this meeting would suggest that this would not be the prime audience for this format. I would say about 85% were over age 60 and this being a Mennonite church I chose to introduce it as a "light hearted song" as to offend fewer and do it in a slow and articulate manner so it would seem more like a poetry reading than a rap. This could be the "whitest white girl rap" ever! I was aided by my posy of Margie, Dustin, and Jason who "creatively moved" in the back while Margie lay down the beat! Enjoy!


Jo said...

Oh crack me up..I'm still wiping tears from my eyes!!
Take care, praying for you!

Love, Auntie Jo

Enns Family said...

Waasssuuuppp Homey! (I think that is the appropriate slang for the rap you did)
That was the greatest report ever! Did John Redekop speak to it? "This is all great... just one little point"

Enns Family said...

I guess I should clarify that "enns family" is me, Sandy.